Ministry Bio

Keith & Becky Walker were both saved in 1988; Keith at a Billy Graham Crusade in Rochester, New York, and Becky through an independent study of I John in Mililani, Hawaii. They both started attending solid churches and were immediately discipled. Keith attended Emmaus Bible College from 1989-1992 and graduated with a three-year Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies. He has since completed his Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. Becky attended Emmaus from1991-1992 and earned a 1-year certificate. They moved to San Antonio, TX in 1992 and were married July 25th of that year. Becky earned her Bachelor’s degree in 1995 and her Masters degree in 1997 from UTSA in vocal performance. The Walkers now have three children.

The Walkers founded Evidence Ministries in 1995 as a missionary outreach to the San Antonio, TX Area. Its threefold purpose is to REACH Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons for Christ, to TEACH Christians the differences between these two cults and Biblical Christianity, and to WARN the community about the dangers of these groups. Evidence Ministries is active in REACHING these cults through personal witnessing and mission trips. Evidence Ministries TEACHES Christians about these cults through various speaking engagements at churches and ‘coaching’ sessions (personal witness training). Evidence Ministries also WARNS the community of the dangers of these two groups through their monthly newsletter Backpacks & Briefcases, their Web site, Blog, Youtube Channel, articles in the San Antonio Express News, as guests on various radio programs, and through Mormon temple outreaches. Be sure to view our course listing, recommendations from Christian leaders and the Event Calendar. Keith has been fulltime with Evidence Ministries since September of 1999.

Compelled by Love to Preach the Gospel

The primary motivation for our ministry is love. We know that God loves Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons and He commands us to love them too. One of our favorite quotes regarding love is made by Dr. Timothy Keller. The context of his statement is interpersonal relationships, but we think it can also apply to evangelism;

Ultimately, any love that is afraid to confront the beloved is really not love but a selfish desire to be loved. Cowardice is always selfish, putting your own needs ahead of the needs of the other. A love that says, “I’ll do anything to keep him or her loving and approving of me!” is not real love at all. It is not loving the person; it is loving the love you get from the person. True love is willing to confront, even to “lose” the beloved in the short run if there is a chance to help him or her.

How Did You Get Started In This Ministry?

Becky was saved in the Spring of 1988 through and independent study of First John while still in high school in Mililani, Hawaii.  She had numerous friends in High School who were LDS and decided to study the religion to see if it was a Church she needed to join.  Becky admired her LDS friends and had nothing but good things to say about them.

While involved in a Bible study with friends from Pacific Islands Bible Church, Becky started to learn more about Mormonism. She also had an opportunity to hear Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry speak at Calvary Chapel in Honolulu. From that point on she continued to learn more about Mormonism.

Keith was saved in the fall of 1988 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Rochester, New York.  Six weeks after becoming a Christian he had a knock at the door and was challenged by two friendly Jehovah’s Witness ladies.  Keith was constantly meeting Jehovah’s Witnesses and talking with them where ever he went.  Less than 12 months after becoming a Christian, Keith began attending Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa.  God continued placing Jehovah’s Witnesses in Keith’s path. It became obvious to him that God had something in mind regarding the Witnesses, however, it was Keith’s interest in Mormonism that finally convinced the Walkers to start Evidence Ministries.

Shortly after moving to San Antonio, Texas and getting married to Becky, Keith met a Mormon co-worker at Sony Micro Electronics.  The two became friends and often spoke about their religious beliefs on breaks and at lunch time.  It was through these conversations that Keith had come to a conclusion about Mormonism. Although he had heard some rumors about what Mormons supposedly believed, he became convinced that Mormonism was just another denomination of Christianity.

Though Keith was never a Mormon, he had actually made up his mind to stand with them against the “false” accusations of other Christians- The accusation that Mormonism is not Christianity.  When Keith arrived home from work one day, he informed Becky of his intentions.  Becky gently, but firmly told Keith that he was wrong.  She presented a book to him and asked him to read it. The book was titled, How to answer a Mormon by Robert A. Morey.  This book has numerous photo copies of Mormon works that Morey uses to show false prophecies of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism.

Keith was not content with taking the word of a critic of Mormonism so he and Becky decided to look up these references in the University of Texas at San Antonio library and verify the accuracy and context of these quotes.  The UTSA library has a very good selection of Mormon works.  By doing primary research using these resources, Keith came to the conclusion that Mormonism is not Christianity.  Keith soon realized that although he and his co-worker were using the same vocabulary, they had a completely different dictionary for those terms.

Keith and Becky kept meeting with Mormon missionaries and Jehovah’s Witnesses and sought counsel as to what to do with this peculiar passion for these people.  Through much prayer, contemplation and the guidance of trusted Christian authorities, Keith and Becky finally recognized that God was moving them into the ministry.  They incorporated Evidence Ministries as a 501 C3, tax exempt, non profit organization in 1995.  Due to a serious back injury to Keith in September of 1999, Keith left his job as a warehouse manager and entered into the ministry full time.

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